Biglawrefuge Launch


Big Law Refuge Launches

In the past few months, I’ve been working on a side project for law students called Biglawrefuge. Biglawrefuge is a website that makes it easy to share employment data.  My motivation in creating the website is the same motivation that has made news throughout the legal community in the past few years: a need for increased transparency.

Law schools and law firms are extremely secretive about these statistics.  Law schools, for instance, at the lower tiers have been accused of gaming statistics by counting students employed in fields other than law in their job statistics or employing their own grads to inflate their stats.  Law firms on the other hand, often have hard GPA cut offs which make it not worth the while of the law school applicant who comes in under the bar.  My hope is that biglawrefuge will serve as a platform for law school students and graduates alike to share information (anonymously) with each other so that we, as participants in the legal community, can help one another to make better and more informed decisions.  After all, choosing a law firm is a big undertaking.  It’s often made at the beginning of a law student’s 2L year, when that law student only has a vague inkling of the differences that matter among law firms.

In the coming months, I’ll continue rolling out biglawrefuge to more communities and I’ll try to market it more.  Hopefully, with time, it becomes a tool the empowers its users and becomes an indispensable tool for lawyers, future past and present.