Two weeks in

Today marks the completion of the second week since I’ve gone back to software engineering.  In all honesty, it’s been a tough transition.  There are so many technologies to catch up on since I was last a programmer.  I find myself googling pretty much every new concept I see, not understanding the answer, then googling further until I can recurse back to the top.  Java code looks unfamiliar to me.  Or perhaps the code I was writing in the past was just unsophisticated and didn’t follow good design patterns.  But it was easier to understand, or so it seems.

I know starting this blog I stated all my grand ambitions to change law with software.  So far, nothing has materialized.  I think I’m just lazy and need to get started building something.  However, it has been a pretty good few weeks so far.  Simply absorbing new concepts has been invaluable.  The good and bad of my startup is that we are so short-staffed that I have to have my hands in a little bit of everything.  At least I’m hoping that doing so will give me some quick on-the-job training that will help make me more employable in the future.  Here’s to hitting the ground running …

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